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You can view our 3rd Year photo gallery by CLICKING HERE.

You can view our 3rd Year video gallery by CLICKING HERE.

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Dates to Remember

On Friday 26th, we break for Halloween holidays at 3.35pm and are off school for the following week.

On Thursday November 29th, we have our 3rd Year Parent-Teacher meeting from 4.15pm to 6.45pm. Full details will be emailed to everyone a week or so beforehand.


Mr.Sheridan has added the full back-catalogue of student music recordings from the last six years, to Spotify. Anyone who has the free Spotify app on their phone or computer can FOLLOW THIS LINK to listen to any songs from the archive of over 100 performances.


A reminder that the boys will be doing their Science, English and Business 'Classroom Based Assessments' for the Junior Cert in Dcecember and early January. The dates for these assessments are prescribed to the school by the Department of Education and therefore we don't have flexibility to alter them. Anyone planning to be away over the Christmas period might therefore check the key dates (by CLICKING HERE) to try and avoid any overlap.

Calling All Student Writers!

Ms.Kennedy has launched a page on the school website to promote student writing. She is happy for any of the boys to submit any work that they would like to have featured. You can view the page by CLICKING HERE.


The boys have been reminded that if they cycle in, they should be LOCKING their bikes down by the side of the Sport Hall. Leaving bikes near the Pavilion is a recipe for disaster (which one student in 3rd Year has already found out)!